Professor Ge Ying's Team Carried out Agricultural Remote Sensing Scientific Research at the Chu's Agricultural Base in Yunnan

发布时间: 2020-08-26

In the summer of 2020. Professor Ge Ying’s team of our college carried out scientific research on the application of plateau characteristic agricultural remote sensing at the Chushi Agricultural Xinping Base in Yunnan. Professor Ge Ying, Associate Professor Li Yong, Associate Professor Zhou Shaoguang and 4 master students went to Yunnan Chu’s Agricultural Xinping Base, set up sampling points in a planting area of more than 6000 acres, used the ground handheld spectrometer to collect the spectrum information of orange trees, used the chlorophyll meter to measure the leaf SPAD value, collect the leaf laboratory analysis components, used the soil meter to determine the soil nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, fertility, PH Value, and piloted the multi-spectral drone aerial survey of the spectral image of the planting area. The research activities received strong support from the Department of Science and Technology of Yunnan Province, and Yunnan Chu's Agricultural Company actively cooperated throughout the work. Theory is derived from practice and is used to guide practice. This scientific research is based on the remote sensing professional platform, combined with the implementation of a new generation of information technology to agricultural disaster monitoring and agricultural project management, which provides certain theoretical support and data foundation for the development of agricultural remote sensing in our institute.

                                                worked at the sampling   point                                             collected leaf spectrum information

                                                      visited the base laboratory                                                                              piloted the drone

(Article/Wang Zhu  Picture/Liu Lingjie)